Vindkraft Ukraina LLC from Kherson Region in Ukraine purchases substations from ABB Sweden

Carl Sturen: signing a contract with ABBManaging Director for Vindkraft Ukraina, Mr. Carl Sturen and his team signed the agreement to purchase electrical substations and engineering services for its wind power projects in Kherson region for an expected investment value up to 10 million euro. The international electrical engineering group ABB from Sweden will deliver the state of the art equipment over an 18-month time period.

Mr. Sturen is well known in the region together with his partner Johan Bodén to have established the ketchup producer Chumak in Kakhovka which was founded in 1996.

Mr. Sturen outlines the strategic targets for Vindkraft Ukraina – “We intend to continue working with our international partner ABB Group and expand on our first 9 MW wind power project in Novorossiske. Vindkraft Ukraina will create new employment opportunities in local production of wind turbine equipment, construction and operation of wind power plants. I am proud to once again break new grounds in Kherson region”

Vindkraft Ukraina LLC is a privately held Ukrainian company established in 2010.



Carl Sturen, Managing Director

Vindkraft Ukraina

121, Chapaeva Str.,


Kherson region,

75700, Ukraine.

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